Student mobility

As a student at Fagskolen i Viken, you have the opportunity explore the world on a student mobility through Erasmus+.
Get an advantage when looking for a job, expand your horizons, meet new friends and get an experience that will last a lifetime.

International experience is encreasingly emphasized, and a future employer will notice and exchange stay on your C.V. A mobility stay abroad does not have to be expensive, nor does ut have to be long. Through Erasmus+, Fagskolen i Viken has the opportunity to send students on mobility stays from 5 - 365 days. Through Erasmus+, you as a student might receive both a travel grant and Individual support which will be able to contribut to and in some cases also cover the full costs of a mobility.

As of today, Fagskolen i Viken has sent students on practical internships in France, Denmark and the Canary Islands. We are aslo currently making arrangements to send students to Portugal and Crete. We are constantly working to make mobility more available to all our students.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. More info to come.

Opportunities for you!

Fagskolen i Viken, is the only school in Norway who has been awarded with two Erasmus+ charters for mobility.

We have both the VET - Vocational Education Charter at level 5 & ECHE - Erasmus Charter for Higher Education at level 6.

The fact that we have got both charters means that there are endless opportunities for you as a student to experience somehting new and exciting through mobility abroad.

Read more about what this means for you!

Online Linguistic Support - OLS

Online Linguistic Support (OLS) is a mandatory language test for students who are going on mobility under the ECHE charter and who will be on the mobility for 14+ days.
This language test needs to be taken before and after the mobility periode.
This is service is free of charge and is meant to strenghten language competense amongs Erasmus+ students.

More info to come.