Practical internship in the hotelbusiness on the Canary Islands!

From early September until the end of October 2022, two students from Campus Geilo were given the brilliant opportunity to complete their internship periode on the Canary Island. This was made possible thanks to Erasmus+, great partnership with Hecansa, committed teachers and adventurous students .
Here you can read more about Mia and Alexandras amazing journey of experiences during this mobility.

Our stay at Radisson Blu Mogan, Canary Islands.

We had the opportunity to travel down and work in a hotel on the Canary Islands from the first of September until the end of October with the Erasmus+ programme.

We worked at the Radisson Blu Resort & spa, Mogan Canary Islands. This is a fairly new and large hotel that opened in 2016 with over 400 rooms. The hotel has several facilities that are suitable for both family holidays, groups of friends on a trip and a romantic stay for couples.

We spent our time there learning how to work the bar and working within the bar area. They had two bars by the pools and a bigger bar inside the disco. Together, we have stood day in and day out at the bar and made all kinds of drinks for the guests at the hotel.

This experience that we were lucky enough to be a part of in the Canary Islands was very educational. We are now confident about various drinks and have learned a lot about what you need in the bar area.

In addition, we got to experience the big difference from working in Norway to working on the Spanish island. We worked from 12:00-16:00 and then had a few hours break before we were back at work again from 19:30-23:30. This was obviously a very new way of working for us, and made the whole day something completely different from what we ourselves have been used to here in Norway.

The work ethic of our colleagues was also 'sky high', they worked very well and always found something that could be done. It was also very clear what different roles the different people had.

This is an experience we will never forget. Although we had several years of experience in the restaurant area, we were able to build more on that expertise and we now have a wider range

of knowledge and experience.

We recommend that all students who can go on Erasmus+ take that opportunity.

Mia Isabela Bustemante Korneliussen and Andrea Alexandra Larsen

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