Staff mobility

It is now possible for you as a member of staff at FiV to go explore, learn and develop through Erasmus+ mobility. The available Erasmus+ funding is administered by the department for Development and Internationalisation. See below for more information regarding the opportunities and availability.
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Erasmus+ mobility opportunities for staff shall support the professional development of the institution's employees. The purpose of this type of mobility stay is to transfer knowledge, share good practice, acquire practical knowledge and get new ideas for teaching and learning, make contacts and partners which in turn can be shared.

Through Erasmus+ you can receive funding towards various types of mobility for staff, for eksample:

  • Job shaddowing / Observation (2 - 60 days) 
  • Teaching or training assignments (2 - 365 days)
  • Courses and training (2 - 60 days)
  • Preparatory visits (for visits to new possible partner schools or organisations. Funding 575 EUR)
  • or you may be an accompanying person (for student groups - although this is not recognised as staff mobility within Erasmus+) 

As an employee at Viken Higher Vocational College, there are many opportunities for staff mobility.

For the academic year 2022/23 and 23/24 we have some funding available for this as agreed with management here at the school. This opens up the opportunity for you to develop new skills, gain new experiences and make new connections.

How do I find a course?
There are a number of international course providers and the Erasmus+ network have developed some courses which fullfill the requirement set for Erasmus+ funding. This can be a language course or other types of courses that enhance and develope skills needed in your role at work. Training course could be provided through for example the providers listed below, however explore options and we will verify the quality and the compatibility the course prior to approving funding.

Staff Weeks

Erasmus Learning Academy

If you are interested in for example taking a course or doing some job shaddowing abroad then contact your Line Manager now! 

Through Erasmus+  we receive funding towards staff mobility.

The total amount of funds per mobility is calculated based on type of mobility, receiving country and duration of your stay.

Typically, we say that the funding we receive from Erasmus+ will mostly cover travel and accomodation.

So, costs exceeding the funding from Erasmus+ will need to be covered by the school. This may be course fees, meals etc.
This means that the employees who have been approved to go on a staff mobility submitt their travel claims through VISMA enterprise as normal and the funding from Erasmus+ will be subtracted for the costs leaving the school to cover exceeding costs as agreed prior to the mobility.

There is a requirements that all the neccessary paperwork and contracts required by the EU are completed, signed and retured to the international office.

For the mobility to be approved the following needs to be in place:

  • Completed and signed Grant Agreement (before the mobility)
  • Completed and signed Mobility Agreement (before the mobility)
  • Completed and signed Confirmation of Mobility (after the mobility)
  • Completed Participant Report 

More information regarding these requirements and assistance in completing documents will be given by the international office.