Practical internship at a French Castle!

From June to September 2022, Emil Aoki Berg og Simon Kvile, both students on the fulltime programme for Hotel - and Restaurant Management at Campus Geilo, got the opportunity to travel to France and and complete their internship periode at the very grand 'Chateau de Fontager' in Lyon.
A result of this practical mobility and the great collaboration with the receiving institution has lead to the whole class now traveling down to France for a 10 day practical mobility at the same hotel in November 22. All this is made possible through the funding of Erasmus+.

Here you can read more about Emil and Simons experience.
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Caption: From left, Simon Kvile, Mai Kappenberger and Emil Aoki Berg

Emil Aoki Berg, studies Hotel - and Restaurant management, 2.year fulltime, Campus Geilo

'We couldn't have expected a better experience'

I have been given the incredible chance to travel down and work in France at a 2000 year old castle.

The castle is currently a hotel with a gastronomic restaurant 'Chant de la Source'.

The project heightened my interest both in hotels, resturants and the historical aspect. The caste dates all the way back to Roman times and is connected to Pontius Pilatus.


During my stay at Chateau de Fontager, my fellow student Simon KVile and I worked under Mai Kappenberger (Forbes Magazine). Toghether, we have renovated and completed hotel rooms, while at the same time we have created SOP* and establisjhed all departments. Reception, housekeeping, F&B** and M&E***


It was very instructive to observe how the work ethic was in France versus Norway. Here in France it is very hierarcichal compared to Norway where everyone are more 'equal'. Work ethics and effort were also somewhat lower here, but this is justified by lower wages and longer working days.

Even I, whohave 7 years of experience from the Norwegian hotel indusrtyr at management level,hvae learnedan incredible amount and can write both 'hotel director' and 'international hospitality' on my CV now.


We couldn't have expected a better experience. We are also well integrated into the process used in start-upd, both at management level and with the financial factors.

I would recomment all students who get the opportunity to fo on Erasmus+ to takje advantage of this opportunity.


*SOP - Standard Oerations Protocol/Procedure

**F&B Food and Beverage

***Meetings & Events

Simon Kvile, studies Hotel - and Restaurant management, 2.year fulltime, Campus Geilo

'My experiences from mobility abroad are only positive.'

Mobility abroad provides a fantastic opportunity to acquire a different form of knowlege than what you would get in Norway. With this, I believe that one will be able to gain knowledge about new work ethics and what routines are like abroad. You will also get a golden opportunity to explore and to get to know a new country and a new language.

My mobility was of the type which meant that I had long working days, but they were usually filled with varied work which meant that the days were content rich.


I was so lucky that I was stationed in the middle of one of the largest wine regions in France, and thus got to both see and taste an incredible amount of good and exciting wine, something that I would not have been able to do if I had chosen to do my internship in  Norway.

I would recommend everyone to take a placement abroad rather than inland, as you will come back with a lot more valuale exerience, bot academically and socially. You will also be left with a feeling that you have experienced more than you perhaps would have if you had stayed in Norway.

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