Opportunities for mobility

Mobility and exchange is something most will have heard of before, and it is typically somehting which pupils at High School (Videregående skole) or students at University have been able to take advantage of.
However, this is now changing, Fagskolen i Viken is now working hard both investing time and resources to make Higher Vocational College (Fagskole) more international by collaborating with international partners in development projects and by making student mobility available.
We are at the beginning of an exciting journey!
Student on exchange

Mobility on the VET charter - (Vocational Education Charter. Level 5)

Under the VET charter there are plenty of exciting opportunities:

  • Participation in VET skills competitions (1-10 days)
  • Short-term learning mobility of VET Learners (10 - 89 days)
  • Long-term learning mobility of VET Learners (Erasmus pro) (90 - 365 days)

It is even possible to make arrangement for shorter mobility periodes (from 2 days) for students with fewer opportunities. It is key for Erasmus+ to be as available and inclusive as possible.

For VET mobility to be approved, there are certain requirements.
Firstly, you need to have a receiving organisation who is able and willing to adhere to the requirements for the mobility as specified in a Learning Agreement.
Typically, the programme manager for your studyprogramme will be the main driver in making arrangements with a suitable receiving organisation, but it is also possible for you to make enquries.

A mobility must fulfill these requirements:

  • Minimum duration 10 days excluding travel days
  • Include a minimum of 4 hours of dauly workbased aktivity each day - must be 20hr a week.
  • Have an approved Learning Agreement
  • Have a Grant Agreement
  • Have an approved receiving organisation
  • Completion of a Participant Report on return

Available funding:

Through Erasmus+, funding is available for most student mobility.
The rates are determined based on duration, receiving country and distance from sending organisation.

Students will receive funding towards Travel and Individual Support which is a daily rate determined by which receiving country you are staying in.

All mobilities need to be confirmed with both your programme manager and the International coordinator. Therefore, it is important to get in touch with your International Coordinator 6months prior to any mobility.

Mobility on the ECHE - Erasmus Charter for Higher Education

More information to come.