Fagskolen i Viken, campus Kongsberg, is a leader in high quality education that meets the competence needs of the world of work. In our strategy, it is clearly stated that we shall continue to develope and strengthen through active transnational cooperation with other HEIs. We are at the beginning of our journey and are excited to be able to enter into an exciting future ahead.


At Fagskolen i Viken, campus Kongsberg, our programs are continuously adjusted to meet the demands of the world of work, which are quickly changing. Joint student and development projects with European and international partners will make us develop further. This will increase the quality of what we do and ensure that our programmes are up-to-date. At the same time, it will provide new programmes in collaboration with HEIs abroad. At our teaching core, we use 'Problem Based Learning' where students are provided with real projects from the business community. Erasmus projects will provide our students with a great opportunity to work with the industry abroad and vice versa. 

In order for us to be able to take advantage of and contribute to the international community, we have recently applied for a VET Mobility Charter: This, in short, is an accreditation which will make applications for international projects much easier. Our application has been submitted and we are eagery awaiting the response from DIKU (Direktoratet for Internasjonalisering og kvalitetsutvikling), our National Agency.

International Projects

Fagskolen i Viken, campus Kongsberg, contribute to several Erasmus + projects. At this point we contribute as a partner in the projects TEFFIC and DigiDemo. Our organization coordinates the project DIRRT.

For us, international projects are a way of developing our organization and contributing to the common good across Europe. Do your organization believe we could be a good fit for a project idea? If so, please contact us.