Erasmus+ Policy Statement

How participation in the Erasmus Programme fits into FiVs institutional and modernisation strategy

Participation in Erasmus+

We expect that the result of participation in Erasmus+ for FIV will provide optimal internationalization, broader knowledge, exchange of experience between schools and countries.

To reach the target for developing our institution through international cooperation, FIV will increase student and staff mobility, and strengthen our involvement in transnational collaboration.

Our quotative objectives for the coming years:


























For year 2022 we plan for mobility of 60 students and 10 employees.

The goal is to increase student participation with about 10 students each year in the exchange program.

Most of our employees will have participated by 2028.

Quality in academic performance and operations are of paramount importance for FIV. We have a quality system approved by the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education in place. The principles of this system will be applied in our international activities. This encompass mandatory surveys for outgoing and incoming students and staff, the result of these will be applied to plan and implement quality improving actions. This process will also include identification of relevant quality indicators that will be regularly monitored and reported on.

Strategy, objectives and impact

FIV is a leader in high quality education that meets the competence needs of the world of work. In the strategy approved by FIVs owner, Viken County Council, it is clearly stated that FIV shall be further developed and strengthened through active transnational cooperation with other HEIs.

The programs are continuously adjusted to the demands of the world of work, which are quickly changing. Joint student and development projects with European and international partners will make FIV develop further. This will increase the quality of what we do and ensure that the studies are more updated. At the same time, it will provide new study subjects in collaboration with HEIs abroad.

The school use Problem Based Learning with student projects provided by the business community at the core. Erasmus projects will give us a great opportunity for students from our country to work with the industry abroad and vice versa.


We are currently participating in four different KA2 projects: TEFFIC, DIRTT, Digidemo and Netzkompentenz für eine digitalisierte Arbeitswelt 4.0 v.2

We have applied for a KA3 project: WET - Virtual Vocational Education and Training collaborative platform for CoVEs.

We wish to use KA3 to establish permanent transnational cooperation with HEIs and companies.

In KA2 we will collaborate on mutual projects to develop academic quality and new offerings to the students.

We want to create conditions for mobility by applying for KA1. Thus, increasing the student offerings and quality through collaboration. Mobility has an added advantage by increasing cross-cultural understanding.

The Erasmus actions will be implemented by connecting the right people, giving them time and opportunity. We aim to create a permanent student exchange program.